If you’re interested in health and wellness, odds are you’re someone who has a great outlook on life.  Or maybe you just want to look and feel better.  Whatever the case, you’re probably interested in diet, working out, meditation, and other healthy pursuits.  In that spirit,  we put together some of our favorite wellness and health sites on the Web, specifically WordPress Blogs.  Though they all vary in the niche they’re in, they are all awesome.  So get your nose in the tent and check them out!


1.) Finding Happiness and Health

Finding Happiness and Health is “a blog about a college student trying to find balance”, but way, way, more.  Shelley, who runs and writes the blog, offers sincere and enduring posts that glow with inspiration.  Anyone who suffers from a eating disorder or just interested in a healthy lifestyle in general, will find her journey,  not only helpful, but you’ll feel like you have a “guide afar”.


2.)  Everyday Monday

The blog that will help you “MAKE THIS THE DAY YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE” is  chock-full of inspirational and motivational quotes and images wrapped in a well designed and easy to navigate layout.   Like eating a healthy meal that taste darn good- this site delivers!  But what’s really impressive, is when you dig into its content, is its subtle  and smart “creativeness”.  Kudos to Everyday Monday.


3.)  Own Your Health

This site  goes deep and does so with a thoughtful and strong  “bent” for combining alternative with conventional treatment.   At its core, its content provides self empowerment grounded in intellectual vitality and reason.     It topics are heady and their subtext shouts:  Be an active participant in your own health and wellness- Your life depends on it!


4.) Margaret’s Natural Health Blog

Farmers Almanac saddles up and goes West.  A natural health remedy blog steeped in such goodness you’ll  smell chicken soup.  The owner of this site has a degree in Naturopathy and is evident in the helpful range of health topics she writes on.  Smart and straightforward, let this blog “be your guide”  and mentor in all things natural health and wellness!


5.) Healthy Mama, Happy Mama

This site had me at Gorilla Poo.  Yes, Gorilla poo!  Actually is was more than that.  Covering the whole gambit of delicious, healthy, foods this blog will leave you inspired to EAT-in a good way.  The images are, well,- perfect.  They convey the simplicity of wholesome and mouth watering dishes and treats.  Do yourself a favor and don’t visit this blog on an empty stomach. Bravo to Healthy Mama Happy Mama!


6.)   Ethereal Wellness

Like the title of the blog implies, I felt like I should take off my shoes before reading it.  The perfect touch of “yoga inspired”  thoughts and reflections, this blog will nurture your soul and your body.  The blogs ethereal essence is really more of a Trojan horse, that once inside, unleashes its forces of timeless wisdom and guidance  on an array of issues we face in everyday life. This blog has a surprising depth to it.  Read this blog and be inspired about wellness!


7.)  Yen Yoga

Pack a lunch before you head over to Yen Yoga.  You’ll be there a while! This blog’s insightful posts and engaging  topics  will leave you inspired and refreshed.  It may be the digital version of a green smoothie.  There is something for everyone at Yen Yoga and that’s why it’s on the Top Ten list.  Check them out!


8.)  Healthy Glow Nutrition

This blog is a breath of fresh air.  It covers an array of topics concerning a healthy and inspiring lifestyle, but more importantly, its topics are downright “smart”.    This blog has major personality!   Like meandering  in an ancient souk you never know what’s around the next corner- a total wellness adventure.  Its timely and relevant topics, will keep you curious and interested, as it teaches you things that will lead to a happier and healthier life!


9.)    Health Freak College Girl

This blogs got PASSION!   Pages like “My Nutritional Rules of Thumb” beams with confidence and the Recipe page is loaded with freaky goodies that will get your stomach growling.  But the hidden gem on this site is the blog located at the Home page.  Truly sincere posts with lots of heart.  Make it your mission and go check out this site!


10.)  Hybrid Fitness 

Don’t walk- run -and bookmark this site now! You’ll thank me.  This is the real, fitness blog, deal.  Great advice, creative, thorough and a no-nonsense “let’s get it done right” vibe about it, that motivates you without trying to motivate you.  These guys go all out with great advice-  PAR EXCELLENCE.