Sage Smudging 5 Safe Simple Steps

sage smudging

Sage smudging is the unique term given to the indigenous American tradition that is known as the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing

Sage smudging is a powerful spiritual cleansing method which conjures up the spirit of the sacred sage plant to drive out negative energy and then to restore balance to the individual, a group of people, an environment, or all three of them.  The practice of sage smudging has been a part of the spirituality of native Americans for thousands of years. 

The practice of sage smudging has been a part of the spirituality of native Americans for thousands of years

This cleansing ritual is available to everyone who is willing to give it a go.  The ritual is very easy to do and also very empowering.

Sage Smudging can seem somewhat intimidating to a lot of people. It does seem unsafe and too complex to be done often. 

But luckily, this is a myth and untrue.  


Know this one thing:

  sage smudging is an ancient and sacred ceremony and it is important to do with complete awareness and in a present state of awareness

Sage Smudging is not complicated at all, or hard and is completely safe when you do several very easy steps. What is critical to understand, though, is that sage smudging is an ancient and sacred ceremony. 

sage smudging

It is important to do it with complete awareness and in a present state of awareness.  Because of the fact that, even the joyful of household and environments contact and accumulate in negative vibration and energy, it is beneficial to do a sage smudge your home or important space several times a year. You can sage smudge any environment that is important to you to clear your own energy or the energy of other people.

Lets begin


You will need 3 things:

1.)  A smudge stick

2.)  A candle and matches

3.)  A fireproof container


How to do Sage Smudging in 5 Safe and Easy Steps

sage smudging

1.)   Put your candle, the fireproof container and the smudge stick on a table or desk.  It is beneficial if you foster a sense of ceremony when you do sage smudging.  Also do this at time when you will not be interrupted.  The smudging process will usually around 10-15 minutes.  Light the candle.




2.)   Ignite your candle and say a prayer for your intentions.  Then light the tip of the smudge stick with the candle flame. Next, gently wave the sage smudge stick in the air until the tip starts to smolder.


3.)   Hold your sage smudge stick over the fireproof container so that you will avoid any burning herbs falling on the floor.  Softly and gently, wave your hands to disperse the smoke.  Stay present in the moment, and yourself to concentrate on your breathing as you do your sage smudging session.


4.)  Proceed clockwise around the space your smudging (usually beginning at the front door), and gently wave the smoke into the atmosphere.  Spend a little more time smudging the room corners.  These places usually build up stagnant energy.  Also, open the closet doors and smudge inside.  Remember too, areas like the laundry room, the garage, and the basement.


5.)   After you have sage smudged all places in your environment, come back to where you started and extinguish the smudge stick.   Do this by dipping it into sand while applying a bit of pressure. Wait a little, then pack your smudge stick, and the container, until your next smudging session. You can leave the candle, if you want, to continue to purify the energy.

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