How To Do Rejection Therapy In 7 Steps

rejection therapy

According to Wikipedia rejection therapy is a social self help game that was created by Jason Comely where getting rejected by a person or a group is the main winning condition. The player can try any kind of social rejection. He or she can try to a suggestion from one of the Rejection Therapy suggestion with cards that are available. The game can be played for any amount of time, though many choose a 30 Day Challenge.

The reason purpose of playing the game of rejection therapy is to overcome the fear of rejection within a controlled, forced exposure. In this way, players can to inoculate themselves to the stresses of rejection and create more wellness in their lives.


 Rejection Therapy may be your saving grace if fear of rejection is restricting your life. Steering clear from emotionally hurtful situations is human nature, but if you know that it is limiting you and your loved one’s life, it might be time to grab this fear by the horns, and systematically and deliberately, expose yourself to rejection



Rejection Therapy In Seven Steps

rejection therapy






1.)  Write down requests on index cards

 Make these requests, to either someone you know or to a complete stranger, and be willing to accept “no” for the answer. Write the requests that you are more positive to be turned down for, so that you can win faster. The following are just a few examples:

·         A discount on a purchase of a product or service.

·         Offer something for sale at a high price.

·         Play a sport or game in a complete stranger’s backyard.

·         Take a picture with a stranger person for no reason.

·         Piece of gum or something someone is eating.

·         Ride in their car or on their bike.

·         Ask someone on a date or to go for a cup of coffee

·         Phone number or Facebook info.


2.)  Pick a card and start

rejection therapy
Ask for something from the card that you want to get a no from.  Getting the answer is “yes,” it does not count. For you to experience and win at rejection therapy you need to get a rejection.

·         If someone says yes this doesn’t count.  You can ask another person the same thing or  get another card.

·         If someone says no, you did it!  Thank them, accept the answer, and walk away.  You won!



3.)     Be polite and considerate when making your requests.

Be aware of the other person’s boundaries, and make obvious that the request is simply casual with no pressure at all.


4.)   Start off small.

Try out a practice round by telling the game objectives to a family member or friend, and have them reject your request. Then go on with the request until it feels completely less stressful to you.


5.)  Deal with NO.

This is an “experiment” in self growthAllow yourself a same pampering.   Tell yourself that it is alright to here no. It will get much easier with practice and time.


6.)  Realize what you have to gain and give yourself permission to fail.


7.)  Keep practicing.

New research shows that habits form in about 2 months.  This habit will be a game changer!





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