Microcurrent Therapy : Coffee Break Face Lift

 Microcurrent Therapy Microcurrent therapy is used to relieve muscle pain and to stimulate the muscles to restore a more youthful appearance to the face.

85% of users experienced improved facial contour
80% of users reported their skin felt smoother
77% of users reported their face looked more toned

It is safe and non-invasive and microcurrent devices are available to utilize anywhere.

Consistently, dark circles and swelling under the eyes improve, fine and deep lines diminish, pores get smaller, eyes and brows lift, cheeks sculpt, the jawline tightens, and skin looks bright and dewy


microcurrent therapy


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 How Microcurrent Therapy Works

microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent (top devices here) therapy gives and delivers facial stimulation. It transmits and sends soft, gentle waves through the skin, through the skin tissue and down into the muscles in the face. Microcurrent therapy has also been shown to activate ATP production. This triggers the creation of key structural proteins, like collagen and elastin.
The heightened ATP gives energy to the facial muscles. This is similar to how working out stimulates the muscles of our bodies, and unlike anywhere else in the body, the facial muscles are directly connected to the skin, so the result of energizing the muscle is often an improved, lifted appearance.


A Short History Of Microcurrent Therapy

microcurrent therapy

microcurrent therapy

In 1980 Thomas W. Wing. D.C., N.D., LAc., a fifth generation Asian Doctor is credited with introducing a microcurrent therapy instrument which was found to be beneficial in the treatment of muscles. First approved by the FDA as a muscle simulator, it was also found to give new life in the Cosmetology business for cellular rejuvenation, facial toning and wrinkle reduction.

Microcurrent therapy procedures have been proven successful in treating a large number of medical conditions which include Bell’s Palsy. Bell’s Palsy is facial paralysis and most often effects one side of the face mainly. The cause is still unknown, but the inflammation of one of the facial nerves triggers muscle paralysis to one side of the face. This mostly recovers over a period of months, but sometimes it can be permanent. Electrical currents have been used in facial machines for many years. The research and development conducted to allow the baby boomers in sustaining a youthful look has promoted the revolution to the largely efficient machine we have at our means today. You can image, there is a huge amount of interest and excitement around the muscle enhancement abilities of microcurrent therapy.

What to expect during Microcurrent therapy?

A microcurrent therapy facial involves the process of low-level, waveform-shaped electrical impulses through dual tipped probes in combination with a water-based conductive gel. When used on the skin, the gentle electrical current rehabilitates the underlying muscles and improves circulation, texture, tone, and fine lines. Daily use of microcurrent will continue to give the muscles strength and restore youthfulness to the appearance. This technology works internally on the muscle fiber and tissue for visible, external results. It is basically like working out your face at a gym. Microcurrent therapy is used for the idea of skin rejuvenation which is different from Electro-Muscle Stimulation aka E.M.S., which is a medical procedure that uses a very strong current to force repeated muscular contraction and expansion.

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