4 Anti Aging Skin Care Mistakes

anti aging#1 Anti Aging Skin Care Mistake:  Eating Too Much Processed Foods


Processed and packaged foods should be avoided because it has a very small infusion of life force aka oxygen and other natural essentials .

Diets that are high in processed and packaged foods mostly always have nutritional deficiencies and these deficiencies are always reflected in the skin


Throughout the processing phase, the living enzymes and nutrients are deconstructed and depleted. Diets that are high in processed and packaged foods mostly always have nutritional deficiencies and these deficiencies are always reflected in the skin.



#2 Anti Aging Skin Care Mistake:  Not Getting Enough Sleep

anti aging

Getting too little sleep, whether its taking too long to fall asleep, or tossing and turning constantly often have more fine lines, uneven coloring, and less skin elasticity, than those who sleep well, a study reports.

We’ve heard it a million times: You need to get enough sleep.
The average adult needs approximately 7 to 8 hours a night. Plan a sleep schedule and keep to it.

If you do not get the proper sleep, your body will release more of a stress hormone called cortisol. In large amounts, cortisol can break down skin collagen. This is the protein that naturally keeps skin smooth and elastic


Skipping a few hours of sleep can create a jet lag effect in your skin. You experience more puffiness, hollowness, and even sagging.
Also your sleep position is important too. If you’re lying on your side, it pushes your face forward and creates lines. Instead try a beauty pillow that reduces pressure on the face during sleep.


#3 Anti Aging Skin Care Mistake:  Stress

anti aging

Stress can wreak havoc on your skin. When the body is stressed, it prepares you to go into fight or flight mode: you either run from the lion or engage a caveman battle.

When our bodies are stressed out, it orders more immune cells to the skin than are needed, and this can lead to blotchiness, redness and itching


It does this by triggering the release of stress hormones from the adrenal glands. These hormones, which include cortisol, activate various of other changes in your body. Because very little of our average daily stress involves large animal attacks or caveman style battles, most of these chemical reactions in the body are not helpful. If fact when it comes the skin it can be detrimental if the stress is chronic. Hormones like cortisol activate glands in the hair follicles to ramp up the production of sebum, a helpful oil that normally makes its way up and out of the hair follicle, taking with it dead skin cells. Make too much of this hormone, and the sebum can block up the follicle, leading to a pile-up of dead skin cells behind it, which create inflammation and acne.


#4 Anti Aging Skin Care Mistake:  Overexposure To The Sun

If you want to keep your skin as youthful as possible as you can through out the years, and also avoid high risks of cancer in the process, you should use a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 everyday, or as often as possible. There is a large amount of evidence and proof that supports this claim.


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