What is the Best Gong?

gongA gong is used for religious ceremonial occasions, for creating music all throughout Asia and enhancing health and well-being.
A gong creates a key part in the gamelan orchestra, as well as Chinese opera.
They are commonly used in Taoist and Buddhist Meditation and among other religions.

The physical sound vibration of the a gong provides an extraordinarily harmonizing and powerful gateway for meditation & transformation. A gong provides psychoacoustic pathways to heightened states of awareness and consciousness

A gong is even used to signal the Gods in some animist traditions.
Many cultures have the belief that instruments themselves can house spirits of some kind.

A gong can also serve a regular purpose such as to signal arrivals, start celebrations, bring people to gather, alert to certain hours of a day, and a host of other event in which a loud sound can be useful.

Lets check out the Best Gong!

PictureNameDescription PriceRating/ Review
PictureNameDescription PriceRating/ Review
Dream 22" Inch Wind(Feng) Gong w/ Mallet Cast Bronze Construction Fully Lathed and Hand Hammered 22" Diameter Mallet Included Mounting String Included $$Rating: 5.0 Reviews: 6
WUHAN WU015-22 22-Inch Wind Gong Wuhan Wind Gongs made of hand hammered brass Comes with beater rich full sound Stand and adapter sold separately $$Rating: 4.8 Reviews: 13
Woodstock Healing Gong Hand-hammered, wind activated gong 30-inches in overall length from hanger to bottom Black and cherry finish ash wood top is 15-inches wide; brass and black gong in 10-inches wide$Rating: 4.1 Reviews: 29
WUHAN WU007-2626-Inch Chau Gong One piece cast hand hammered construction Wuhan Chau Gongs first choice in leading symphonies Appearing in a variety of musical venues adding depth and special effects $$$Rating: 5.0 Reviews: 2
Zildjian 12" Table-top Gong and Stand Set Classic Zildjian Gong sound Partially lathed front and rear New, specially designed tabletop stand and mallet $Rating: 4.5 Reviews: 51
Woodstock Percussion WDG Desk Gong Woodstock Gongs are hand-hammered by a master gong maker and materials that have gone into crafting gongs for thousands of years, so each one delivers a rich, authentic sound Black finish ash wood, brass and black gong, mallet Height: 12" Width: 10" Gong dia: 6"$Rating: 4.3 Reviews: 49
18" Subatomic Chau Gong on Spirit Guide Gong Stand We don't ship until we personally check the sound of each gong. Unless noted, all our gongs are high quality bronze. It's some good soundin' metal! If you have specific sonic needs, contact us and we will work to satisfy them.$$$-
Large Brass Colored Oriental Gong 4" Brass Gong With Dragons Oriental Brass Gong Dragons and Oriental Symbols Great Indoors or Outdoors$-
Woodstock Emperor Medium Gong, Black Wood Woodstock Gongs are hand-hammered by a master gong maker and materials that have gone into crafting gongs for thousands of years, so each one delivers a rich, authentic sound Black finish ash wood, brass gong$Rating: 4.2 Reviews: 23
Rhythm Band Oriental Table Gongs 14 Inch Gong Rb1073 Comes complete with stand and mallet These Deco gongs are hand hammered and produces an exotic sound $Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 2


What is a Gong Bath?



A gong bath or gong bath therapy has been utilized longer than any instrument for sound healing. The New Age craft of producing and tuning a gong to a certain frequency or vibration has greatly gotten better throughout time.

It is believed, from the ancient people, that if you had gong “therapy” for ten days you would be cured of anything.

It was said by the Ancients that if you were gonged for ten days you would be cured of anything

Today’s thinking of the scientific arena is that the utilization of sound is becoming an ever more valuable instrument in the treatment of many health conditions, ailments and diseases.
It is an alternative medicine healing mode that is being used successfully all over the globe in all societies.
A gong baths can create great and outstanding effects on a whole range of situations.

Healing with the Gong

The gong is one of the earliest instruments for healing.
It has been utilized for 1,000’s of years in meditation, ceremony and various rituals.
In modern times gongs are used in yoga and meditation class, sound therapy, group gong bath meditation.
Gongs are also used in cancer treatment centers to generate and foster health and wellness.


The vibrations and sound from the gong go from the outer ear throughout the whole body through the vagus nerve.
This impacts brain waves, the respiratory and heart rate.
Vibration and sound foster a intense feeling of relaxation, crush tension and release blocked energy.
A gong can harmonize the energy centers in the body.
The vibration of a gong operate at a cellular level to re-balance the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body.

For lots of us, stress is a way of life.
When we are stressed out, the body releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.
This forces our hearts to race faster and our breathing rate to quicken and become shallower.
These hormones can make us feel anxious and undone.
Chronic stress, when unchecked, can cause a whole host of problems which high blood pressure, insomnia, heart disease and digestive ailments.
Not only does stress worsen the quality of lives, it weakens the body’s ability to heal properly and fight disease.
The calming effect of a gong bath which produces an canape of sound and vibration creates a blast relaxation and crushes stress that is so bath to our wellness.

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