What are Babypod Tampon Speakers?

baby tampon speakersAccording to many articles around the web the Babypod Tampon Speakers
is an intra-vaginal speaker that plays music directly to the fetus.
Based on the premise that unborn babies are able to hear as early as 16 weeks into development, the silicone speaker is placed into the body like a tampon and fosters communication.

 The Babypod allows the baby to hear sounds without the barrier created by the abdominal wall 

According to a study conducted at the Institut Marques researchers accessed the relationship between unborn babies and exposure to music.

Music was given to the fetuses in 2 different forms.
One through headphones administered around the mother’s bump.
The other was provided vaginally using the Babypod.


The study exposed that the intra-vaginal music led to physical reactions from the babies


The study exposed that the intra-vaginal music led to physical reactions from the babies.
The abominably applied tunes had no effect.

The Institut Marques reports that the babies couldn’t even hear the music played via the headphones.

babypod tampoon speakersResearchers then observed the responses of the babies using ultrasound on pregnant women between the 14th and 39th week of their pregnancy.
They found that the babies showed early attempts at vocalization.

Dr Lopez-Teijon who lead the study, showed that the fetuses reacted to the music transmitted intra-vaginally by moving their mouth and tongue: “as if they were trying to speak or sing”.





The Babypod Tampon Speaker is a bulb like speaker that has to be put into the vagina and then connected to the headphone jack of a smartphone.

At this point the mother can tune into the music also.
This is done by plugging headphones into the audio input at the top of the connector.

babypod tampon speaker

The Babypod tampon speaker enables the baby to hear sounds without the blockage produced by the abdominal wall.

Because the vagina is an enclosed area, the music only has to go between the baby and the vaginal and uterine walls.

The tiny speaker radiates 54 decibel sound.
This volume compares to a hushed conversation.

The Babypod tampon speaker does not have a battery, Bluetooth, or any radio frequency.
Also the sound cannot exceed in volume which make it safe for the baby and the mother too.


Study Confirms Babies in Womb Hear You LOUD AND CLEAR!

According to a post over at Today.com  “expectant moms who coo and chat to their babies while they’re pregnant may be doing more than stimulating the fetus – they may be shaping their child’s brain, according to research published Monday.”

They cite a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that affirms what many people had intuitively thought: “babies hear what their moms say and their brains recognize these words after birth.”

babies hear what their moms say and their brains recognize these words after birth

The study reveals and gives credence to the notion that an unborn baby can learn and remember just as much as a newborn can.
This presupposes that it may be highly worthwhile to expose babies to more sounds before they are born.

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