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monatomic goldMONATOMIC GOLD, which is often spelled Monoatomic gold, and also know as White Powdered Gold and Ormus, has been around for many thousands of years.


Egyptian Pharaoh’s knew the secret of how to make white powdered gold


It is now re-entering the collective consciousness as something that is thought to have the powers to actually reverse the effects of aging, expand our consciousness and heal injuries and illnesses.

monoatomic gold

Wow that sounds like  Wellness!






PictureNameDescriptionPrice: $,$$,$$$Rating (1-5)/Reviews
PictureNameDescriptionPrice: $,$$,$$$Rating (1-5)/Reviews
Ormus Gold, Well-Being, Monatomic, Ion Wave Formulas From monoatomic gold, platinum group, dead sea salt & trace minerals. These are the bio-energetic ormus signatures not the physical ormus substances themselves. This makes for a much sweeter, gentler feel.$$Rating: 4.5 Reviews: 19
EnerGold® GOLD-Based Monoatomic Gold! No Salt! No Dye! Sparkling ORMUS .1-Oz. (2.83-Gram) Vial Immeasurable physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual energy - Elevated mind control, comprehension, focus, attention, alertness - Increased abilities of memory, speech, calculations - Profound sense of calm, sensuality, perception of being, spirituality - Elimination of negativity, anxiety, and depression, with greater positive problem-solving abilities$$Rating: 4.3 Reviews: 53
EnerGold® 2-In-1 Power-Packed Monoatomic-Colloidal Gold (8-Oz. Bottle) - No Salt! No Dye! Sparkling ORMUS Our GOLD-Based, Inimitable Ingredients and Process Ensure the Highest-Quality, Most-Potent ORMUS Possible on Earth: Made with Our Own EnerGold® 24-Karat Gold in a Bottle 10-Times-Concentrated 200-ppm Colloidal Gold, 24-Karat Gold Ingots from Our Own Colloidal Gold-Making Process, and Powerful Magnetite Oriented with the Polarity of Earth's Magnetic Field$$$Rating: 4.8 Reviews: 27
Golden Dragon Monatomic M-3 Monatomic Gold, Irridium, Rhodium: the Vegetable Stone of Honey and Red Wine Spiritually and physically vitalizing An actual "philosophers stone" of honey and Red Wine #1 Anti - aging!: like resveritrol X100 Increase Vitality, Clarity and Focus Health and immune system boosting qualities$$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 23
EnerGold® GOLD-Based Monoatomic Gold! No Salt! No Dye! Sparkling ORMUS .4-Oz. (11.36-Gram) Vial Some of the Reputed Benefits of Monoatomic Gold: - Realignment of the Body's Cells' Energy - Super-activation of the Central Nervous System, Meaning Supercharged Brain Activity - Super-activation of the Endocrine System, Meaning Supercharged Pineal Gland, Pituitary, Thymus $$$Rating: 5.0 Reviews: 23
Alchemical Elixir of the Anunnaki - Starfire Gold - Phineas - Liquid Ormes 1 Oz Testimonials Provided Support Increase in Energy Elevated Consciousness Mental Clarity Superconductivity $Rating: 4.2 Reviews: 9
Four Realms Monatomic Gold 15 Grams - Ormus - Orme #1 Anti-Aging! Feeling Younger Enhanced Sex Drive Diminished Pains Stronger Mental Intuition, Clarity and Focus $$Rating: 4.1 Reviews: 6
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Golden Sole - with ORMUS Monatomic Gold Advanced Preventative Medicine Can Raise Consciousness Helps Body to Remineralize Anti-Aging Indications Helps Body to Detoxify $$Rating: 4.1 Reviews: 19
Monatomic Gold - White Powder Gold - 10 grams - ORMUS - ORME #1 Anti-Aging! Feeling Younger Enhanced Sex Drive Diminished Pains Stronger Mental Intuition, Clarity and Focus $$Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 1


Monatomic Gold Frequently Asked Questions

white powder gold

Monatomic gold is a very interesting and mysterious materiel.
There is a great deal of information as well as misinformation on-line making claims.
Most of the material written and extensive research will likely leave you with more questions than answers.

Here are some questions and answers gathered from around the web that may be helpful.


What is monatomic gold?


Simply put, monatomic gold is single atoms of gold in an exotic physical state.



Monoatomic gold is an “alternative” physical state of gold metal.
Matter is either, for the most part, solid, liquid, or gas.
If matter is super cooled, super heated, or smashed in particle accelerators it can exhibit properties that do not conform to the traditional physical states.
Monoatomic gold, simply put, is gold that is not organized in a metallic lattice structure.


Traditional physics and chemistry claim that such a state is not possible simply because gold is re-active or clusters at about room temperatures and normal atmospheric pressures.



Monatomic gold, on the other hand does not form any bonds or form a crystal lattice structure but instead exists as individual atoms.
Monoatomic gold exists in an “exotic state” that is supposedly abundant but very difficult to find in nature.
This is probably because no know instrumentation has been invented or built to detect this material and because monoatomic gold can be repelled by strong electromagnetic fields there by avoiding detection.


What is Ormus?


Ormus also called Orme (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element), is made from water and other substances and is also known as monatomic gold.

Some people call Ormus the “Philosopher’s Stone“.
Because of its unique features Ormus has been a favorite among alternative health supporters and alchemists world wide.
There are many legends myths associated with Ormus, with many believing it to be a magical element.


Ormus has the exact number of protons and electrons as other minerals that are found on the Periodic Table of elements.
These are chemically identified as a separate class of substances, as is the case with halogens.
But they have separate placements on the two-dimensional Periodic Table. Such elements are similar to silicon-type, ceramic powdery substances that appear to be isolated forming micro-cluster bits of atomic materials.

Ormus appears to be closer to ether a classical element or vacuum or pure energy.
The most interesting feature of Ormus is that it is able to switch from being one metal to another at different temperatures.


This observation was first brought forth by Albert Einstein and Satyendra Nath Bose in the 1920s.
In was then confirmed in 1995 by Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman in a laboratory.
The biggest contribution, though, came from David Hudson, a farmer in Arizona who noticed some peculiar features in these strange materials. He spent millions of dollars studying these elements and later patented his process of obtaining and identifying ORMEs.

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