HAPIfork – Helps YOU Lose Weight


If you were going into battle, wouldn’t you want the best weapon you could get your hands on?

Losing weight is a battle.

Hapifork is your go-to gadget.

This could be a game changer in the world of wellness.



1 BIG Reason Hapifork helps you lose weight:


  Helps with Calorie Restriction


Yes, I know calorie restriction has taken a beaten in the weight loss kingdom.

Diets like the no fat/low fat, Atkins, and Paleo have beaten the “less calories” camp silly.

Yet, it’s funny, all these diets talk about taking in less calories.

I’ve had success, to some degree, with all these over the years, and  know that when the dust settles,  calorie restriction is the only cat standing.

These diets, though sound, are more a way to eat less calories in a healthy way, or not, and not feel as hungry in the process.  Just an eat-less strategy- pick one that appeals to you.

But eating within a budgeted amount of calories is difficult no matter what our diet choice is.

It’s hard.

It’s hard because it requires a mindfulness of our eating habits in the moment.

This is where Hapifork comes in.


The Hapifork monitors how fast you eat. 

It vibrates and lights up to let you know when you take too many bites too quickly. 

Buy slowing your eating it is easier to eat within your budgeted calories.












Eat Slow, Lose Weight

A Study!

In a study presented at the North American Association for the Study of Obesity in Las Vegas 28 overweight women and men consumed a meal of chicken nuggets at their regular pace so researchers could determine the baseline eating pattern.

Over the course of three meals the researchers changed the pace of the same lunch by telling the participants to take a bite when the computer beeped.

During the first meal, the participants ate a meal in which the pace of the whole meal was slowed by 50%.

On the second meal, they consumed their food at a decreased rate in which the pace of only the last half of the meal was decreased in half, and in the final meal they ate at a steady pace.

Then they were told that the computer beeping would last indefinitely and they could consume as much or as little as they wanted.

.. this study shows that a slower rate of eating results in people eating less, which may help them lose weight


The Hapifork looks like a regular fork but the base is wider. At the bottom of the base are two lights.

If you’re a gadget geek this is exciting! A small bar indicates how charged the battery is, and a circular indicator tells of your eating speed.
Also in addition to vibrating every time you take a bite too fast, the circular light will turn red.
If you are eating at a good speed, which equates to waiting 10 seconds between each bite, the light glows green!

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