Benefits of Sauna

sauna benefits7 Top Benefits of Sauna


Recently , over at JAMA Intern Med, a study was conducted and posted that states:

 men who took more frequent saunas (4-7 times per week) actually live longer than once-per-week users


What if you don’t use the sauna at all?  And why is this the case anyway?  What are some important short term benefits and wellness advantages?

Let’s dig in and discover some sauna benefits that can help us today!



health benefits sauna

1.) Vital Health Benefits


The  high temperature of a sauna(TOP 10 HOME SAUNA) stimulates the blood flow and circulation, forcing the blood vessels in the skin to stretch and become more lucid. This improved blood flow helps to lower blood pressure. Sauna use also benefits and helps with respiratory problems by breaking up chest congestion. This can, in turn, relieve problems from bronchitis, laryngitis and other respiratory disease.



2.)  Cleansing of the Body


The dry heat (Top 10 Infrared Sauna) of the sauna facilitates the body in sweating out harmful toxins and flushing out excess water and waste material. The heat from the sauna interacts with the body much as it would if you had a fever. This process activates your immune system, white blood cells and antibodies thus in turn helping to ward off or fight a cold or flu.


benefits of sauna

3.) Losing Weight


One major sought after benefit of the sauna is weight loss (Discover 2 Secret Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss). The claim here is that although your body might feel relaxed in the sauna, your heart rate is, never the less, increasing because of the dry heat. The big claim is that a 20-minute session at approximately 165 to 175 degrees F can burn over 500 calories. In appears that the body’s metabolism speeds up in comparison to physical exercise. Take this with a grain of salt and do your own experiments is my advice.


4.)  Great Skin


Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and one of its main tasks is to eliminate toxins through perspiration. The heat of the sauna will stimulate sweating to flush impurities and body wastes out through the skin. A sauna not only cleanses your pores but also increases circulation, creating a soft, glowing complexion.


benefits of the sauna

5.)   Improved Mental Health


The steam and heat of the sauna allow the muscles to just relax. This in turn, soothes the mind and rejuvenates the body,at the same time. The increase in blood flow and heightened  oxygen supply relaxes the body and relaxes your mental state of mind. The sauna is one of the best places to unwind and find relief from stress (Discover what is called by many the root cause of all disease).


6.)   Physical Therapy


The Sauna is an great partner to physical therapy. The dry heat of the sauna improves the oxygen and nutrient supply to the muscles and the deep tissue, thus relieving tired and achy muscles. It is often used for the pain and stiffness of arthritis too. It is beneficial for everyone who is suffering form stiff, pulled or just aching muscles.


7.)   Strengthens the Immune System


Exposure to heat on the skin stimulates and aids in the creation of white blood cells and strengthens and improves the immune system.



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