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If Monoatomic gold seems far out it is. Not all things can be explained. This may be one of them-so far.monoatomic


Like all things new (only new to many because it’s so ancient) regarding Wellness, and involves ingestion, great caution and research should be taken and considered before moving ahead.


Lets dig right in and look at the TOP RATED Monoatomic gold products available today!



Picture/ NameBenefitsSupply/ AmountPrice: $, $$, $$$Rating/ Reviews
Picture/ NameBenefitsSupply/ AmountPrice: $, $$, $$$Rating/ Reviews
Monatomic Gold - White Powder Gold - Capsules - 1 Month Supply! Greater Creativity Enhanced Sex Drive #1 Anti-Aging Deeper Prayer and Meditative States Positive Emotions and Greater Sense of Inner Peace One month supply$$$4.0/ 15 Reviews
Monatomic Gold Formula Liquid - Phinheas Manna 8oz Ormus Spiritual Body Healing- Heal DNA Philosophers stone- Most ancient alchemy now Manna; the traditional sense of spiritual healing! New science at guaranteed potency! This is the ultimate ancient formula taught to Moses by his alchemist! 8 oz.$$4.0/ 20 Reviews
Mother Earth Alchemy - Monatomic Gold - White Powder Gold - 15 grams Health and immune system boosting qualities. #1 Anti - aging! Aids in detoxing Spiritually and physically vitalizing Increase Vitality, Clarity and Focus 15 grams$$3.5/ 61 Reviews
Golden Sole - with ORMUS Monatomic Gold Advanced Preventative Medicine Can Raise Consciousness Helps Body to Re-mineralize Anti-Aging Indications Helps Body to Detoxify n/a $$$4.0/ 12 Reviews
Harmonic Innerprizes Etherium Gold 1oz Powder Improves mental clarity Greater mind/body coordination Improved learning ability and creativity 1 oz powder$3.5/ 13 Reviews
Harmonic Innerprizes Etherium Gold 240 Caps Enhances mental clarity Greater mind/body coordination Calmer reactions to stressful situations 240 Caps$$$5.0/ 9 Reviews
"Elixir of Gold" Ultra-Colloidal Gold 240 ppm, 16 oz. A Natural Supplement for immune system, neural system, and circulatory system16 oz.$$3.5/ 26 Reviews
MesoGold ® 20 ppm Colloidal Gold 250 mL/8.45 Oz Supports mental focus & concentration, and improved hand/eye coordination. Promotes improved memory & a general feeling of well being8.45 oz.$$3.5/ 30 Reviews



Ancient History you should know!


According to historical texts, Monoatomic Gold is a mystical and chemical substance used by the ancient people of Kemet Egypt to achieve super states of consciousness and mystical experiences.

This “structure” of gold is also known as Egyptian White Powder Gold, Fruit of the Tree of Life, Etherium Gold Powder and Star-fire Gold of the Gods.

Monoatomic Gold is made by changing the atomic structure of gold. The end product is a white powder consisting of trillions of single gold atoms, each one literally lighter than the element air.


The people of Kemet made gold cakes by using white powder gold or Monoatomic Gold. These cakes aided the Kemetic people in many of their spiritual rituals and practices.

The spiritual ideas and practices of the people of Kemet were  greatly admired by other cultures and incorporated into other spiritual practices including the use of Monoatomic Gold.

Monoatomic Gold induce greatly enhanced states of euphoria, spiritual bliss, awareness, stamina, insight, psychic ability and cell realignment.

The substance allows the subconscious beliefs, such as: worries, concerns and doubts, to surface sequentially so they can be understood. Each issue then is brought to light one at a time so full concentration can be given the issue for purposes of resolution and “karmic type cleansing”.



Top Benefits of Monoatomic Gold


Monoatomic Gold neutralizes negativity in the cells and inoculates them from disease. The substance helps any and all disease.
List as follows:
-Strengthens the heart
-Tones and strengthens the pituitary gland and pineal gland
-Strengthens and revitalizes the thymus gland and thus boosting the immune system
-Enhances the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow
-Causes all of the cells of the body to regenerate


Monoatomic Gold is also awesome for meditation purposes. It should be used for very deep states of meditation or astral traveling: the ability of the soul to leave the physical or dense body behind and travel to different densities. It also helps to increase the human aura or bio magnetic field.
Monoatomic gold strengthens the major and minor chakras that make up the human aura or energy field. When the aura or energy field is weak or compromised, the body will function out of sync or balance with the natural rhythms of nature. However, when the aura or energy field is strengthened and magnified, the body functions in sync or harmony with the natural rhythms of nature, and thus, health and wellbeing are optimal.
Monoatomic Gold works well with crystals for purposes of enlarging the human aura. The average aura expands by eighteen inches to three feet. But after use of Monoatomic Gold, the aura can enlarge by five to twenty-five feet, depending on the person and their other activities such as chakra balancing, meditation and yoga.

Monoatomic Gold gives a person a general sense of wellbeing. It greatly facilitates in healing and can actually help to prevent aging and disease in the body. It causes the endocrine system to release more anti-aging secretions and it causes the pineal gland to release more melatonin and serotonin. These hormonal secretions are great anti-aging and feel-good remedies.

If you are a serious dreamer, Monoatomic Gold provides the power to control dreams, specifically the activity in the dream state.

The product is so powerful that it can help us to communicate with souls who once walked the Earth, mastered the lessons of life and have ascended to higher realms.

Monoatomic gold also helps engage a higher percentage of our brains while simultaneously raising consciousness. Use of Monoatomic gold causes us to have sharper thoughts, enhanced cognitive abilities and acumen and higher creativity.

Monoatomic gold also helps in balancing or synchronizing the hemispheres of the brain, causes both sides of the brain to work simultaneously, which is usually not the case in the average or normal person.

Typically, one side of the brain works more than the other. Research shows than when we are in a thinking state, the left side of brain is on a higher level than the right side.

The right side of the brain deals with creativity. And when we are in a creative state, the right side of the brain is higher on a brain graph than the left side of the brain. The goal is to have both spheres of the brain working on high levels, at the same time








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