How to Use a Meditation Bowl


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Seth Godin in his book the “Dip” talks about how most anything of value has a dip:  a set of “artificial” screens set up to keep most people out.  Think medical school to become a doctor.

These obstacles create scarcity, which in turn creates value.  Luckily for you, using a singing bowl in meditation, requires  minimum effort to make it through the dip and it’s still valuable!

But, the real dip using the bowls for meditation,  is taking the steps necessary to get and have the experience of the bowl  meditation.

To get through the Dip requires action!  The first step to get actually get a bowl.


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Let’s explore and go deeper and learn how to use a bowl for meditation.


A  Meditation Bowl


A  meditation bowl or singing bowl as they are commonly know, is a metal bowl.  Most often the original bowls are made in Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and India.  When this bowls are struck or vibrated with a wooden mallet they produce a special tone.


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Each of these handmade bowls has a unique and special sound determined by the bowls shape and the metal or the metals it was built with. Traditionally, most singing bowls are made from one of the seven sacred metals in Tibetan culture: gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and antimony.


Most modern singing bowls usually contain a combination of those metals. The singing bowl produces what can sound like a bell tone.  Singing bowls can also be used for meditation and to promote natural healing of the body.




How to Play the Singing Bowl



singing bowl

•First hold your bowl flat on the palm of your hand, or you can place it on a round pillow to support it.  If your bowl is smaller than 7 inches in diameter, hold it on your fingertips.


•Next,  hold the middle of the mallet in your other hand. Hold the mallet so it is perpendicular to the floor.

•Lastly,  firmly and gently rub the mallet around the outside of the bowl. This slight friction will cause the bowl to vibrate and “sing” !




 How to use a Bowl in Meditation


singing bowl

•First, lie down in a comfortable position in a quiet space.

•Next, set the singing bowl on your chest. You may want to place a rubber mat of some kind under it so it doesn’t move or slip.


• Next, gently strike the bowl with the mallet or a striker. A striker may also be a mallet, but the main thing, is to make sure the wooden end of the striker is wrapped in cloth, felt, leather, or any soft  material so it protects the bowl from the wood.

• Lastly, breathe and listen to the sound of the bowl




 In Conclusion


singing bowl


Because the bowls come in many sizes, colors, tones it can be very confusing.  For those who are not educated in musical theory enough to understand the difference in varying pitches, it usually is not an issue which pitch you get, though you may find the sound of one bowl touches you for reasons another may not.

Just relax and enjoy the experience your bowl meditation will give you!  It’s another great exercise in your personal wellness and greater health.


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