What are the Best Tibetan Singing Bowls?



wellness on fireYou’ve decided that you want a Tibetan singing bowl.  That’s the easy part!

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Now, if you’re like me and many others, you want the best bowl you can get for your money.  This can be a little more difficult.

For example, recently  I bought a new laptop computer.  The first thing I did was go on to Amazon’s site.  I wanted to see what was available in my price range (what I had budgeted for this purchase) and what computers had the capability that I needed for my personal use.

Next,  I wanted to know the “reviews”.  What others, who had purchased this computer, were saying about it:  Good, excellent don’t buy, etc.

And thirdly I wanted to compare.  Compare prices differences, features and everything that was important to me on my next laptop computer.

singing bowl

Only when I did this research,  and did it thoroughly did I feel comfortable and satisfied  making a purchase.

Fortunately, singing bowls in many respects , are more simpler than buying a computer.

But over all, buying the bowls for most of us, still involve the same process of research, in order to feel comfortable and satisfied before purchasing.

Lets explore the Best Tibetan Singing Bowls using my buying method above and discover the best one for you!


BEST Tibetan Singing Bowls


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Tibetan Meditation Om Mani Padme Hum Peace Singing Bowl With Mallet

At the time of this posting, this bowl has  79 Reviews with an overall rating of 4.5!  That is awesome to say the least.  The overall  consensus is that this bowl has the perfect tone and that it’s a good and heavy bowl.  This bowl is great for beginners.  It has many 5.0 rating and skewed by a only a couple of people.  But the majority are really raving about this one and it’s my pick as one of the  best.



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High Quality Tibetan Singing Bowl – 4.5″ With Striker

This bowl is touted because it delivers such a nice sound at a very low cost.  Those who purchased this were pleasantly surprised.  This bowls boasts a 4.0 rating form 21 people and comes in at a price range under 20 bucks (though some sellers were more).  Wow!  This is a winner and why I included it as one of the best.  This bowl is wonderful (again) for mostly beginners.




singing bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl Hand Hammered with Pad & Striker

All the way from Nepal and  handcrafted this singing bowl has a rating of 4.5 with 29 customer reviews.  Why is this one of the best?  Simply because it looks nice and plays well.  It’s a quality instrument!




singing bowl

Exquisite 4 Inch Tibetan Singing Bowl Made in Nepal with Wooden Striker


55 customers have reviewed and given this bowl a 4.0 rating.  The one word that keeps popping up is “craftsmanship”.  Craftsmanship equals quality, and quality equals great sound, when it comes to a singing bowl.  This bowl makes the “best list” with honors.


singing bowl

Exquisite 5 Inch Metallic Finish Tibetan Singing Bowl with Striker, Cushion, …

Last on the ” Best” list, but surely not least, this bowl has a 4.0 rating with 17 customer reviews.  Many of the reviews rave about how this bowl can really “sing” especially in relationship to its cost.  A great choice!



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