Top 2 Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

  Cinnamon and Ginger!


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Listening to NPR in my car the other day, they aired a story about cinnamon and how it naturally regulated the blood sugar in the body.  They talked about how it somehow regulated and directed blood sugar to various parts of the body that needed it.

But get this:  Cinnamon, the expert who was interviewed said, was as powerful as some of the older diabetic drugs that first came out on the market.  Wow! That says something in my opinion.

Though the story produced more questions than answers it was very informative.   They also disclosed that they didn’t know all the answers regarding cinnamon and what it did “exactly” in the body.


wellness on fire

NPR Cinnamon story click picture

They also didn’t recommend Ceylon cinnamon, which is suppose to be the real stuff.  The reason I bring that up, is that consuming the fake “cinnamon” daily and in larger amounts is suppose to be bad for your kidneys and liver.



Though I can’t prove it scientifically, my kidneys hurt pretty badly after eating the fake stuff for several days.  After I discovered this information, I stopped using it and bought the real stuff and everything was fine.

Let’s dig into some helpful studies and see if you can add these to your diet and lose some weight!


Wellness on fire

Cinnamon can be toxic in larger amounts. Consult USDA’s site for details.

Both ginger and cinnamon, taken in larger amounts, especially on a daily basis, could have side effects.  Definitely consult a doctor about using these two herbs for weight loss.  People with certain medical conditions are also warned about both these herbs. 


How Ginger helps you lose weight?


Ginger is claimed to be a “very delicious fat-burner”.    One of the more “broadly” beneficial healthy foods for weight loss.  Ginger acts as a vasodilator.   It allows the blood vessels to expand which improve blood circulation. This can greatly ramp up our metabolism.   Studies suggest that by eating ginger people may lose as much as 20% more fat than people not eating ginger. Wow!


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Through my research I discovered some sources that claim because ginger increases your appetite is not good for weight loss.  Hmm.  Interesting.  I suggest you experiment and decide for yourself.  I consume ginger in a green smoothie!


Other benefits of ginger include:

1. Proven to help lower cholesterol levels

2. Promotes secretion of mucus providing protection from stomach ulcers

3. Contains enzymes that function as catalysts for the proteins in your food and aides in digestion

4. Used to prevent nausea from motion-sickness or pregnancy related morning sickness


How Cinnamon helps you lose weight?



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Not a recommended way to get your cinnamon

One of the best ways to lose weight is to reduce your caloric intake. That’s well know and very clear cut. Cinnamon, on the other hand, works in a somewhat different way.



2 Reason Why Cinnamon might help us Lose Weight

1.) If you take in excess sugar, the liver converts this sugar into fatty acids or fat. Cinnamon seems to increase your blood sugar metabolism. This is a process of breaking down sugar for absorption into the body as energy. That means less fatty acids are produced for your body to store.

2.) Insulin is what helps the body absorb the sugar that is in the blood stream. Cinnamon has been found to have an insulin like effect. It may be able to help our bodies metabolize sugar more efficiently and therefore making you less susceptible to over eating.



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