What is Qigong?

wellness on fire

Traveling back in time several years ago,  I see myself taking a package from the UPS guy.  I’m smiling and very happy.

Why?  What is it? 

It is a package from Amazon (love ordering stuff from Amazon).  More precisely,  it is a Qigong DVD, for beginners.  This is also a new years resolution!



wellness on fire

My energy levels hadn’t been at its peek, like I’ve experienced in the past.  I know it was probably from a combination of several things:  bad diet,  little exercise,  no regular meditation, etc.  But, this energy situation I was experiencing, lead me on a exploration of many different ways I could turn things around.

At the time the movie “The Secret” came was out, and there was a lot of talk about energy.  This lead me to this Qigong DVD and also to Kundalini yoga (another story and post of course).

So I unwrapped the package, plugged it in the DVD player, and ……



wellness on fire

My energy level’s took to new heights!   It was palpable.  After several times going through the 40 minute or so program, I felt great.  I practiced everyday.  It was like light turning on a light switch.  I was plugged in!  I noticed other things in my life changed too, for the better.  It became uncanny to say the least.




 What is Qigong?



wellness on fireQigong is an ancient Chinese system of “health care” that combines physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention to create an optimum flow of chi, the energy of life.

The word Qigong, which is often spelled as Chi Kung is composed of two Chinese words.

The first word Qi, which is pronounced as chee, and is usually interpreted to mean the life force or vital energy that flows through all things in the universe.


wellness on fire

The second word Gong, which is pronounced gung, means accomplishment, or a skill that is cultivated and attained through steady consistent practice. Together, these two words, Qigong (Chi Kung) means cultivating energy, and is a system practiced for health maintenance, healing and increasing maximum vitality.


10 Benefits of Qigong


Mounting evidence demonstrates, more and more, that qigong may be an effective adjunct in the treatment of many illnesses that include cancer and heart disease.

As big as this is, there are many more benefits of qigong.  Let’s dig in.


Here are 10 of the remarkable benefits of qigong:


1. Well-being/ Improved health. Qigong embraces the whole body, whole system health. While it is true that qigong will often cure specific ills, this is not the main reason for practice. It is not only about the quantity of life, but also the quality.


2. Clear and calm mind. When the mind is in harmony, the whole universe seems at peace. As they say: “World peace begins with you” and that it is your responsibility. The wild thing is with practicing qigong  you can heal and transform others just through your presence. If you have a tranquil mind and a positively charged energy system.  Also you will make a better decisions and have the intuition to know when act and when to be still.


3. Deeper, restorative sleep. Qigong will allow you the deep relaxation and mental solitude necessary for sleep.


4. Increased energy. This includes sexual vitality and fertility. People who practice Qigong have more energy and can turn the clocks back.


5. Circulation improves.


6. Clear skin. The skin is an organ of elimination. According to Chinese medicine, as your qigong improves, your body eliminates toxins, and the skin becomes clear.


7. Cultivates a joyous attitude.


8. Restores physiological balance. This means that parts of the body that were imbalanced or out of control begin to stabilize. Things like breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, hormone levels, and states of chronic inflammation or depletion improve.


9. Intuition and creativity heighten. Intuition and creativity originate come from the same source. As you awaken your brain and being, you will activate the ability to think with the gut, and to feel with the mind!


10. Spiritual Growth. Practicing qigong  often starts to create a variety of spiritual experiences. Things like synchronicity start to become common place. When your qi is abundant, clear, and flowing, the senses become alive.


Qigong personifies Wellness of Fire.  Things like vibrational healing, gongs, singing bowls, Tia Chi and more, allow us to have, enjoy, and promote our health in a fun and easy ways!

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