What Is Vibrational Medicine?

There is an Aesop fable called  the ” Miser”.  It goes like this:


wellness on fireA miser sold all that he had and bought a lump of gold, which he buried in a hole in the ground by the side of an old wall and went to look at daily. One of his workmen observed his frequent visits to the spot and decided to watch his movements. He soon discovered the secret of the hidden treasure, and digging down, came to the lump of gold, and stole it. The Miser, on his next visit, found the hole empty and began to tear his hair and to make loud lamentations. A neighbor, seeing him overcome with grief and learning the cause, said, “Pray do not grieve so; but go and take a stone, and place it in the hole, and fancy that the gold is still lying there. It will do you quite the same service; for when the gold was there, you had it not, as you did not make the slightest use of it.”


Like the miser, we have a  choice to use it or  fail to “not make the slightest use of it” when it comes to our bodies vibrational system


So what is Vibrational Medicine?


wellness on fire

Vibrational medicine is a healing system that uses the ancient art of dowsing to identify the cause of a disease or dis-harmony in the body. This system is a meeting of eastern and western forms of healing.

We often use the western understanding of the body and how it functions and combine this with the eastern practice of “rebalancing” energies within the body to bring about healing.  Many times the actual cause of a disease can appear to be far removed from the apparent symptoms when looking through the western lenses.



 Everything is connected, and especially so within the body. The body is always striving to heal itself but sometimes it gets blocked



wellness on fireDisturbances in our bodies energy system are called “blocks”.  These “blocks” can be caused by many things including toxins, negative emotions, viruses, parasites or bacteria.

The goal of vibrational medicine is to identify the core cause of a problem or “block” and to clear these “blocks” to allow the body to function correctly.





wellness on fireVibrational medicine usually looks at the symptoms, not the cause.  The whole person and their entire energetic system, which includes the mind, body, and spirit  is not addressed in the typical traditional western way or manner.

For example, rather than treat the heart directly, if there is a heart problem, per say,  Vibrational Medicine, deals with instead, the energy systems of the heart.  This could entail working with the heart chakra, the heart reflex zone on the feet or hands, the emotional layer of the energy field, and so on.

But what is most important to understand, is that these more subtle connections create more potential for a powerful shift in the energy and therefore in one’s overall health.



The language of Vibrational Medicine is that which stimulate and deal with the five senses. This includes color, light, crystals & stones, sound, aroma, sacred geometry and energy-work. Common to all, is the ability to create the entire spectrum of energy within the circle of life.


True Wellness is “acting out of the box” .  Go here for a simple Vibrational Medicine

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